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This Talisman of Divine Feminine was created as a loving gift to our being, to remind us of how incredibly amazing we are. All beings carry aspects of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine regardless of gender, ideally balanced within our mind, body, and spirit. The gentle pink, purple, and rainbow grey colors evoke feelings of love, sovereignty, and calm. When we are taught to love ourselves truly and deeply, much healing takes place and our trauma, pain, and fears can be released. Connecting to the Divine Feminine energy means claiming new levels of power, pleasure, and presence that are true to who you really are. Divine feminine energy is nurturing, soft, grounded with strong boundaries, and trusting of our intuition.


Utilize this talisman to connect to the Divine Feminine within you by practicing self-love, self-care, and trusting and following your powerful intuition. Learn to explore the duality of your own nature, both feminine and masculine, and address imbalances of your feminine aspects that you may have forgotten or tried to hide. Allow the gentle, soft, loving vibration to soak into your being, holding you as a Mother would. Release pent-up emotions, expressing them intuitively to release and heal trauma.


Suggestion: supercharge this Talisman by pairing it with the Talisman of Love & Peace (sold separately), as shown in the last image.


Talisman Creation Process

Each talisman is handmade by me with loving intention. The talisman you receive will be made specifically for you, as each one is made to order, so the stones and coloring may vary slightly. As a Reiki Master, I infuse each new creation with pure reiki energy to help you heal all aspects of your life. Each talisman is then bathed in sound healing frequencies in my quartz sound bowls and cleansed with sage and palo santo before being shipped to you safely in a lovely velvet drawstring bag.



  • Amethyst: Stone of Clarity, helps with deep contemplation and a sense of control over life, to release fear of the unknown, assists with a sober mind.

  • Grey Aura Quartz: Stone of Calm, provides a relaxing effect on the emotional body and is soothing and healing to the aura. Help in releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about one's self-worth. Because of their multi-colored rainbow hues created by bonding precious metals with quartz, most Aura Quartzes can stimulate and cleanse all chakras with just a single stone.

  • Strawberry Quartz: Stone of Self-Love and Nurturing, helps to show you your value, purpose, and how loved you are. Hematite inclusions provide a grounding yet loving vibration, with a gentle support to help you fulfill your destiny.

Talisman of Divine Feminine

  • Please treat these creations with gentle and loving respect. 

  • While they are made to last, it is highly recommended not to wear them while showering or in water, as many gemstones are water-sensitive and can erode after time. 

  • Do not clean them with any kind of chemicals or jewelry cleaners, a damp cloth works fine. Be sure to wipe them completely dry right away.

  • To charge them energetically and attune them to your energy, do what feels right to you. Some options are to hold them in your hands and imagine bright cleansing light surrounding them and your body, to leave them in sunlight for a few minutes (not all day!), or in moonlight overnight.

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